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SmartHR Solution is a complete HRMS Solution developed to cater the HRMS Software requirement of
the Middle east region and covers all aspects of HRMS domain.

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Payroll is always a concern to organizations Senior Management. The Payroll Software being a modular system meets all requirements of an organizations payroll system. Payroll software is proven to be an ideal tool to all payroll needs of organizations with single or multiple businesses, departments, branches and cost centers in Dubai & other Middle East regions. SPS is also perfect for the SME and large sized Enterprise segments as the system can be customized to any extent to meet the Corporate Specific requirements.

The SPS offers a wide range of complete security checks and protect against any potential unauthorized access to sensitive information held in the payroll system through controls built security. The access can be monitored and controlled at various levels to completely waive out any unauthorized access to the entire system and maintain the confidentiality.

SmartHR & Payroll is designed such a way to provide easy and cost-effective links and simple integration platform within the existing enterprise systems. The SmartHR & Payroll Software also offers all its users effortless understanding of its very simple menu structure. It also generates a customizable report for a better understanding of the usage. The software is flexible and supports access of the management to the most reliable information enabling their quick decision-making.

Consequently, the SmartHR & Payroll through its comprehensiveness enhances the Management Information System. The implementation of this Software provides an easy access and monitoring of the consistent information like:

  • Personal data on employees;

  • Total Cost of Employees;

  • Payroll Reconciliations

The provision of easy access to the reliable information leads to an efficient and prompt corporate decision making. SPS through years of research and experience has included all key areas of payroll management which includes the fixed and variable payroll earnings and deductions, loan processing, leave, absence, gratuity, cost allocation, and organizational management. Our data entry/maintenance forms have been designed by experts in Finance and Payroll field; they also evaluated the process flows to deliver efficiency in the payroll process.

The SPS controls have been developed through a continuous and gradual research process. The field experience of our Managers, Auditors and Payroll executives with several big and small corporate and their site specific requirements have contributed significantly to develop one of the most comprehensive and secure systems in the Middle East.

SmartHR Modules

hr and payroll software


Completely web based developed in ASP.Net and Microsoft SQL 2008. Suppports Clustering and installation on NLB. Integraton with windows active directory is possible for Single Sign On.

Purchasing Option

SmartHR can be purchased in the following ways:

  • Full corporate license – running on a Microsoft SQL server
  • Modular License – SmartHR can also be purchased and implemented on a modular basis.

System integration capabilities

  • Microsoft Great Plains
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX

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